Ameritech Pro provides the Best IT Consulting and Project Management in Central Florida

Most companies agree that they would accomplish much more if they didn’t have to worry about computers and telecommunications infrastructure

According to industry surveys, many a majority of companies spend a significant portion of their week dealing with non-productive activities such as software updates, resetting passwords, searching for lost files, etc.
Our team of IT solution experts proudly serve Brevard County and the surrounding areas in Central Florida, and they have the knowledge and experience to help you deliver sophisticated IT projects with our personalized consultative approach.

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Complex Information Technology Environments Require Customized IT Solutions

It’s very hard to find an off-the-shelf technology solution that will fit seamlessly into your existing infrastructure without substantial customization.

Implementing a technology solution that requires extensive customization can add additional longterm challenges because it typically requires more ongoing maintenance and updates, which adds to your ongoing budget.

AmeriTech Pro’s Consultants can help you find just the right balance between the best information technology and price to help keep your business moving forward. Our experts can insert themselves into your project at any point and help you establish priorities, solve problems, and provide expert supporting consultation for your staff to help you keep moving down the field on your important project. With any value-enhanced information technology implementation, you need a team of custom solution experts at your side. Every piece of your IT infrastructure puzzle must work together perfectly to achieve your organization’s goals. With a clear IT strategy and technical road map, the path to your success becomes much more clear.

We Guide Your Step By Step Through Our IT Consulting Process

Many times a new project can seem out of reach due to current staff load and lack of expertise.

By partnering with Ameritech Pro, you will have the guidance and resources to tackle those complex projects with confidence. Our process begins with a comprehensive consultation and assessment of your current model. From there, we can determine which elements of your technology infrastructure are working, and which ones need to be adjusted to meet your business objectives. Our IT consulting team will meet with your staff to better understand your goals, business processes, challenges, growth strategies, and current system capabilities. We then provide the expert guidance that your business needs to help you meet its growth objectives. Throughout the process, our IT project management team provides counsel and direction so you can get from point A to point B with the least amount of disruption to your business.

The solutions we can manage for your business may include cloud hosting, virtualization, email protection, or additional onsite and remote services. Aspects of the project that we handle include IT consulting, planning, implementation, and ongoing IT project management.

No matter how big or small the project may be, you can always expect the following from us:

  • Cutting Edge Technology solutions based on proven technology standards and best practices.
  • A Value-Add Technology Partnership where we put the success of our customers first.
  • A clear understanding of your business needs on which we structure our partnership.
  • The utmost professionalism and accountability when managing your project.