The Cyber Security Experience to Keep Your Business Protected

AmeriTech Pro has the IT experience you need to keep your company safe from cyber attacks.

More security threats are trying to attack your company today than ever before. Your company faces Hackers, Ransomware, Phishing Schemes, and many other cybersecurity threats, which are relentless in trying to infiltrate your business! It’s AmeriTech Pro’s job to protect your business, information, and sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands. Our team of information security specialists works to ensure that all your data is protected from those attackers who may try to steal it.

We have decades of experience on the front lines protecting businesses against cybersecurity vulnerabilities on large scale networks and protecting critical information systems. Our team will provide your company with peace of mind that your infrastructure is secure with the latest and most advanced threat protection. Our cybersecurity experts will assess your company’s attack surface, Secure Access Service Edge position, perfect response playbooks, and level of your company’s cyber vigilance.

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Stay Compliant with Cyber Security Regulations

Federal and state legislators are seeing the financial and reputational disruptions that are caused by businesses not having an effective cyber security program.

With cyber security being just as important as badges and surveillance equipment, organizations are now required to make it a top priority. The compliance regulation you must follow depends on the industry you’re in HIPAA, ISO27001, GDPR, DFARS, ITAR, PCI, GLBA.

How Vulnerable is Your Business to Cyber Attack?

No one wants to believe that their business is vulnerable to cyber attack, but the statistics are irrefutable!

Most companies have experienced, will experience, and probably are currently experiencing some type of cyber threat.
Most businesses today live in a “state of continuous compromise.” This means that they aren’t finished responding to their last incident before their next incident starts.

Breach and incident response can be chaotic, emotional, and stressful, but you can partner with us so that you’re prepared and have a team of security experts alongside you in case of your next incident.
Today’s business environment requires that organizations protect their assets, data, and reputation from cyber risks while adapting to ever-changing regulations. AmeriTech Pro’s team of cyber engineers and consultants support our clients in a variety of industries.

Offering the Best Cyber Security Solutions

AmeriTech Pro offers cybersecurity services in Brevard County and the surrounding areas of Central Florida

AmeriTech Pro will deploy and assess your security posture with Next-Generation Firewalls, Multi-Factor authentication, CASB, End Point Security, and Zero Trust Network Access.

We assist organizations that need a full-time CISO or interim CISO, as well as those who require more targeted support with an industry-leading vCISO program. Also, our team at AmeriTech Pro offers professional Project Services, engineered solutions designed to address specific concerns, as well as programmatic Managed Services, ongoing support that augments existing internal efforts or that can be deployed for just a fixed period of time.

The security awareness of your organization as a whole is vital. Please also see our Custom Cybersecurity Vigilance Training. Whether your organization is facing a daunting digital transformation project, struggling to keep up with global data privacy regulations, or simply wants an assessment of existing policies, our team can help.