Customized IT Training Will Empower Your Employees

Providing information technology training for your employees boosts their knowledge and skills, and can be a huge factor that contributes to your organization’s success.

AmeriTech Pro’s certified trainers will design and deliver innovative customized training that will actively engage your team and position them for greater success. For companies that are working with a remote workforce, it becomes even more critical to assess and track key technical skills and bring employees up to speed on new technology and cybersecurity practices. Cyber Vigilance Training (CVT) can provide your staff with the knowledge they need to keep your information systems and data safe. When there are no corporate offices, it is even more important to invest in your staff’s training and development.

custom it training services

AmeriTech Pro's IT Training Program Development

Ameritech Pro uses a variety of interactive tools to increase engagement, participation, and information retention.

We will develop live virtual sessions, pre-recorded sessions, standalone courses, and full curriculums that can be taught at the student’s own pace with reinforcement and retention activities to assess their comprehension. Our goal is to create an environment in which people learn how to use the latest processes and systems to do their jobs more efficiently. We are creating custom Reference Manuals and Job Aids that include all of the subject matter covered during our training programs, and provide your staff with valuable resources they can use during training and as a valuable post-training reference.

We implement a proven process to identify the critical skills that each person in your company performs daily. We analyze real-world work situations and map them into your training modules to help your team better execute their daily job responsibilities and have more success in their specific role.

We use these scenarios to build job aides and guides and also develop the hands-on exercises that give users opportunities to practice what they have learned.

To develop the most relevant training materials for your company, AmeriTech works with your project and team leaders to understand your overall objectives and desired outcomes. We work with subject matter experts to understand the core processes and technology topics that will need to be covered in your training. We develop initial drafts of your training materials, review them with you in detail, and then finalize your curriculum and supporting material.