The Benefits Of Hiring A Managed IT Services Company

Get the Help of Our Technology Experts and Save Money

One key benefit of incorporating AmeriTech Pro’s managed IT service program is that you can avoid overpaying in areas of hardware, software, training, etc. When companies attempt to source these types of solutions on their own, they typically lack the specific technical knowledge to give them an advantage when negotiating with salespeople. Many times, the goal of the salesperson is to sell you their most expensive system with the biggest margin, which translates into a higher commission for them.

Since most companies do not have IT experts on staff, they often wind up paying more than if they had partnered with an expert to source their solutions. Even if you get what you’d consider a good deal in one area, like hardware for example, because you have some knowledge in that area, it’s common to wind up purchasing other associated solutions, like software for instance, that turn out to be bad solutions or be overpriced. Having an expert consultant that does not have an equity stake in your purchase can help you avoid these pitfalls.

Poor choices in these areas can also compound into larger long-term expenses that you can easily avoid. Down the road, you’ll be faced with other issues that can include licensing, support, upgrades, scalability, and hosting. By partnering with AmeriTech Pro, you’ll have confidence in knowing that you’ve made a solid decision from the very beginning.

Managed IT Service Programs

We offer a multi-tiered package program that allows our customers to choose the appropriate level of support that they will need each week or each month. Our team of specialists dedicates their time to any tasks that you may request, within the scope of work contracted and within the amount of time that you’ve retained. If an internet technology task requires more time to be completed, we can offer extended hourly support at an additional charge. Also, if a client has a specific short-term project, we can offer a flat-rate price for the project, which would be outside of our monthly contract time.

Based on our commitment to providing excellent support and technical expertise, our clients often comment on how thrilled they are with our service. They recognize that they’re getting enterprise-level service at a part-time cost, which makes them very happy with the return they get on their investment, versus having to hire and support a full-time employee.

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