Providing Endpoint Protect and Endpoint Security for Your Business

The IT department of an average-size company has to protect thousands of endpoints across its network.

The latest SANS Endpoint Protection and Response Survey reported that 44% of IT teams manage between 5,000 and 500,000 endpoints. Each of these endpoints of your network is a potential target. These endpoints include not only desktops and servers, but laptops, tablets, smartphones, internet of things (IoT) devices, barcode scanners at POS terminals, and even smartwatches and digital assistants that are either deployed in the field, in transit or outside of your network protection.

Additional vulnerabilities arise due to mobility. Your employees need to remain mobile in today’s market, and therefore to be free to travel with their devices outside the workplace. Therefore, you need endpoint protection so you are not at risk of those devices becoming a target. By partnering with AmeriTech Pro, we take the responsibility to manage this risk for you, which allows you to relax and focus on running your business.

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Protecting and Securing these Endpoints is Critical

Your company must make sure that every endpoint is secure so you do not allow your sensitive data to be exposed and wind up in the wrong hands.

AmeriTech Pro will provide superior security services to protect you from these cyber threats with the latest cutting-edge technology solutions, implemented by our highly-trained team of experts at a price point that fits your budget. Endpoint Detection and Response Solutions AmeriTech Pro will monitor and protect this broad attack surface by providing the best Endpoint Detection and Response / EDR tools and security measures. We provide an integrated hub for the collection, correlation, and analysis of your endpoint data, as well as for coordinating all alerts and responses to immediate threats.

Endpoint Protection tools have three basic components

Endpoint data collection agents

Software agents conduct endpoint monitoring and collect data such as processes, connections, the volume of activity, and data transfers, into one central database.

Automated Response

Pre-configured rules in an EDR solution will recognize when incoming data indicates that there is a known type of security breach and triggers an automatic response, such as logging off the end-user off the system or sending an alert to a staff member.

Analysis and Forensics Tools

An endpoint detection and response system may incorporate both real-time analytics for rapid diagnosis of threats that do not quite fit any pre-configured rules, and forensics tools for threat hunting or conducting a post-mortem analysis of an attack. Real-time analytics engines can use algorithms to evaluate and correlate large volumes of data, searching for patterns. These forensics tools enable IT security professionals to investigate any past breaches and better understand how a specific exploit works and how it penetrated security. IT security professionals also use these forensics tools to look for active threats in the system, such as malware or other exploits that might lurk undetected on an endpoint.